RFC Media Trio In Hall Of Fame


Houston based RFC Media has three more Texas Radio Hall of Fame members on their roster. Longtime Houston radio hosts Pam Kelly, Laurie Kendrick and Maria Todd have been elected to the Texas Radio Hall of Fame’s class of 2022.

According to an RFC Media release:

“Maria Todd has brought her larger-than-life electric personality to every studio she has entered for over three decades and now co-hosts a syndicated morning radio show for RFC Media.”

“Laurie Kendrick is an American humorist, writer, news director and creative force for 30 years in the funniest of radio.”

“Pam Kelly makes that studio on-air light glow a little brighter each time she cracks the mic, with 3 decades of cross-format expertise ranging from legendary KLOL to Alt Rock, Country and Christian.”

RFC Media has six other Hall of Fame members, including Donna McKenzie, Rowdy Yates, Pat Fant, Outlaw Dave Andrews, Dan Gallo and Ed Chandler.


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