It Makes Me Smile, Laugh, and Ponder


(By Rick Fink) I try to start each day off with reading. In fact, the first thing on my daily “to do” list says, 1) Prep & Read. I read a little bit of everything, books, blogs, articles, etc., covering a variety of topics such as life, business, faith, marketing/advertising, wrestling, management, psychology, news, etc.

Of all my daily/weekly readings, there are two things that I look forward to the most. One is the “Monday Morning Memo” from Roy H. Williams. The Wizard’s (and Indy’s) perspective on a multitude of topics makes me think deeper and gives me the courage to be more creative. The other is Don Kuhl’s blog called “Aging M-W-F”. Don tells short life stories and relates them to the process of aging. His stories always make me smile, laugh (often both), ponder, and reflect on my life! I always feel better and find more joy within myself after reading them.

Recently, Don invited his readers to request a copy of his new book called Changing with Aging. I requested one right away.

I have never met Don. In fact, I have never even spoken to him in person. We have only exchanged emails (he reads ENS on Sales) from time to time, and he sends me encouraging words as I do to him for his writings. He is a much better writer than I am. From reading his writings, it seems like I know him as a dear old friend. His real friends are very lucky people.

I received my advanced copy the other day and I can barely put it down. Each story is just a page. Don has an incredible knack for writing with brevity. Each story of his life floods my mind with vivid memories of my own. Even the not-so-happy moments make me smile because he always puts a positive spin on them.

His book isn’t being released until Sept. 6th. However, you can pre-order yours now by simply googling Changing with Aging, Don Kuhl. You’ll find several avenues to purchase your copy(s).

I have worked out a special deal with Don. I will be purchasing 50 additional copies of the book, of which I will give a FREE copy to the first 40 readers of ENS on Sales that request it. One per person, please.

You don’t have to be in the latter stages of your life to enjoy this book. In fact, I wish I had met Don (through his writings) years before I had. It might have saved me from making a few mistakes, or at minimum, allowed me to accept and move on sooner from some of the mistakes I have made along the way.

If you would like a copy, click here, and send me your name and mailing address. When I receive the books, I will send them your way.

If you would like to subscribe to Don Kuhl’s Aging M-W-F blog, go to this website and subscribe.

While I have no guarantee to offer, I can assure you that if you read his blog and/or his book, you’ll smile, you’ll laugh, you’ll ponder, and you’ll reflect! It’s a GREAT way to start your morning!

NEVER Stop Learning – Get Better Every Day!

Rick Fink from ENS Media ( can be reached by phone at 605-310-2062 or e-mail at [email protected]


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