Matthews Apologizes For Hot Mic Profanity


On Friday we reported that Ken Matthews was dropped from Talk Media Network after an affiliate tipped us off that his show was being pulled by the network. Matthews posted an audio clip to YouTube explaining what happened.

Here’s a portion of what Matthews said in his YouTube post: “I want to apologize for some things heard on my July 12 2022 radio show. I was unaware that most of everything I was discussing with my engineer off the air was being broadcast on the air yesterday. One of those things was my reading some of Hunter Biden’s texts about his mother and other family members in what I thought was a secure communication between my engineer and myself during what I presumed was a commercial break. Again I apologize to you and will always remain grateful to your taking the time to listen to my show(s). Be well. Be safe. God Bless America.”

Affiliates will be fed a best of show until August 12th when it will then end. It’s unknown what will happen to Mathews’ local show on iHeart’s WHP-AM in Harrisburg.


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