New Format Seminar


Coleman Insights president Warren Kurtzman and Alan Burns & Associates founder Alan Burns will present new research in a free webinar on a new format called Social FM.

Kurtzman and Burns will discuss how the format is doing in Edmonton.

“Given the success of Now! Radio in Edmonton and the expansion of the format to Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto, we expect that radio broadcasters beyond Canada will start taking a closer look at Social FM,” said Alan Burns & Associates founder Alan Burns. “This is especially true given that the need for radio stations to provide content that consumers can’t get anywhere else is greater than ever.”

“The research Coleman Insights and Alan Burns & Associates will share in this webinar will provide insights into what drives listeners to use Now! Radio in Edmonton and the perceptions they have developed of the station,” said Coleman Insights president Warren Kurtzman. “This will help broadcasters considering the format understand what they need to accomplish in order to be successful with it.”

The webinar will be held Thursday, June 2nd at 2PM Eastern.

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