Nielsen Says Podcasting Continues to Boom


The ratings firm released the third installment of its Podcasting Today report with the latest edition highlighting the growth in podcast audiences and content. Nielsen reports that both titles and episodes have increased by nearly 200% each over the last two years (2 million and 92 million, respectively)

The ratings company also reports that over 50% of daily podcast consumers listen more often and to more shows.

The report also found that podcast listeners are more likely to plan a major purchase within 12 months—such as new technology, home entertainment, or a vehicle—and 88% of these consumers are willing to consider a new brand.

Nielsen Podcast Ad Effectiveness insights found that podcast ads drive an aided brand recall rate of 71%, while 56% of podcast listeners say they pay more attention to ads read by the host(s).

“Nielsen’s unique suite of podcasting solutions enable brands and marketers to understand the behaviors of podcast listeners, which leads to reaching the right consumers and driving ROI,” said Arica McKinnon, VP, Brand Impact Solutions, Nielsen. “The Podcasting Today report reveals the massive growth observed in podcast consumers and content, and the impact Nielsen’s podcasting solutions could have on brand awareness, audience reach, and overall engagement.”


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