KNX News Now Heard on FM


Audacy has launched of KNX News 97.1 FM in Los Angeles. The station will simulcast Newsradio KNX-AM, Audacy’s 24-hour news station. The 97.1 FM signal was previously home to 97.1 NOW (KNOU-FM), a Contemporary Hit format.

The station will launch with a two-minute tribute to some of the station’s biggest headlines over the last 100 years, while previewing the next chapter of its history.

“For over 100 years, KNX has been the station Southern California has depended on for breaking news, important events and life changing moments,” said Jeff Federman, Regional President, Audacy. “With spoken word audio consumption at an all-time high, this move allows us to significantly upgrade the existing KNX brand and create a news destination for a new generation. KNX is a powerful and trusted brand in this market, and we look forward to delivering the same award-winning content on crystal-clear FM radio.”


  1. This was long overdue with the migration to FM and podcasts. As an L.A. native and longtime KNX listener, my only question is why did it take so long? Most of the other Audacy/CBS all-news stations have already had an FM presence for years. Even in a market as crowded as L.A.’s, Audacy could either have flipped one of its existing underperforming FM’s (like KNOU) or bought or established an FM translator much sooner.

  2. It’s about time. Los Angeles was the only major market that incredulously did not have a news or talk station on FM. Most likely chalk that up to the LA Regional Managers of the corporate clusters. They either do not have the skillset, or are unable to, innovate or be creative in their programming. Since iHeart and Audacy have largely controlled LA radio, there has been zero innovation or creative changes in the programming. Stale stations, doing the same thing year after year! With the “Market Managers” being placeholders. …So good for Audacy corporate, for stepping in and FINALLY giving LA an FM news station.

    • This was probably a wise move and while I agree that iHeart in particular along with others like Audacy have stifled creativity, simulcasting another station can hardly be called innovative and creative programming.


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