Erickson: Anti-Vaxers Are Idiots


Conservative talker Erick Erickson lost a healthy family member to COVID-19. This week, on his WSB-AM Atlanta program, Erickson said organized efforts to undermine trust in the vaccine was deeply evil and a sin.

According to Newsweek, here’s what Erickson said on his show: “Listen to this, you idiots. What I care deeply about though is that some of you are scared of getting [the vaccine] because you’ve heard people on the internet lie to you and you don’t know that they’re lying. I don’t care that you don’t want the vaccine. But if you’re out there spreading lies and misinformation and disinformation and willfully undermining people’s trust with a vaccine, I care about that a great deal.”

Erickson, who practiced law for six years and was also a Macon city councilman, is heard on Cox Media Group’s WSB-AM daily from Noon to 3PM.


  1. Why does Israel have the highest vaxxed population and the highest covid infection
    Rate? Why is OAN and a few other media outlets the only media that is reporting this? Could it be they didn’t get the government money to air spots and push a narrative? The sin here is our so called elected politicians and CEOs that are selling our country to the highest bidder.
    I’m not an anti Vaxer as I get the seasonal
    Flu shot every year. Thanks for calling self thinks people idiots, very nice.

    • Israel’s Delta strain is different from the one in the US, so the US vaccines are less effective (they say Pfizer is 39%) there. Which is a good reason not to visit Israel this year. But it has no relevance in the US, where the vaccine is 95% effective. BTW I didn’t receive any gov’t money to air spots either, but I know the NAB produced a bunch of free PSAs that none of the conservative talk stations chose to air.


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