Congratulations Bill Diehl


It was 50 years ago, July 19, 1971 when Bill made his debut newscast on ABC. His friend and onetime ABC colleague Bob Gibson put together this picture and tribute below.

What follows is my tribute to you about significant longevity in the workplace.

I don’t know what more to say except the next time you’re in the office
walk with your head up and be proud…you’ve manage to accomplish something which few could even dream of doing let alone carrying it
out at a competitive shop such as ABC Radio News!

There are two attachments which I’m counting on your being able
to open….

Best wishes,


  1. “Here’s the latest worldwide news from the American Entertainment Radio Network, Bill Diehl in New York reporting”.

    I was doing the all-nighter on KAYO and adopted the oh-so-cute intro, “It’s time to hand out the news from ABC, so if you’re ready, Bill . . . DEAL!”


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