How The NAB Responded


This is not new news to NAB CEO Gordon Smith. It’s an issue he’s been dealing with since he came to the trade organization from Congress. To date the NAB has garnered 151 signatures for the Local Radio Freedom Act which, if approved, would prevent Congress from enacted any fee on radio for airing music.

Here’s what Smith said after Deutch and Issa announced their Bill. “NAB strongly opposes the American Music Fairness Act or any imposition of a performance royalty on America’s local radio stations. For decades, broadcast radio has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with the music industry, launching and sustaining the careers of countless artists, promoting album sales and streams, and helping to foster a robust music-creation environment that is the envy of the world.

138 Representatives and 18 Senators are signed on to the Local Radio Freedom Act so far. Smith added, “Broadcasters remain open to working with the record labels to reach a comprehensive and reasonable solution to this issue that reflects the incredible value provided by local radio to musicians, labels and our millions of listeners over-the-air and online. It is unfortunate that the record industry refuses to have those discussions.”



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