SMG Takes On Cancel Culture


Salem Media Group is partnering with film director Dinesh D’Souza on a new documentary that shines light on attempts by left wing social media giants to silence the views they disagree with on the right. Tentatively titled ‘Silenced’, will look into the chilling impact these cancellations are having on American society.

“Salem exists to provide a free form of expression for conservatives who listen to our two biggest formats, News Talk and Christian Teach and Talk,” said Ed Atsinger, CEO. “This form of censorship creates an existential threat to our freedoms, and our American values. It makes no sense to silence the other side, when we know that it is through this dialogue that we work out our differences and come together. This movie will help both sides understand the true meaning of freedom of speech, and why it matters so much to our future as a nation.”

The movie will feature Salem talk hosts who themselves have been banned from certain social media platforms like Dennis Prager, Sebastian Gorka, and Eric Metaxas.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with Salem on an exciting movie project for next year,” said D’Souza. “Of course we’re inundated with great material and we have a powerful and unique message that will educate, inspire and mobilize Americans at this critical juncture in the nation’s history.”

The movie is tentatively slated for release in the middle of 2022.


  1. Salem claims to give “free form expression for conservatives.” Tell that to Michael Medved and Joe Walsh, very respected conservatives who got fired from Salem for their conservative beliefs. I hope Dinesh speaks with Michael, Joe, and other conservatives who’ve been thrown out of their own party.

    What Salem should do is start their own social media site to compete with Twitter and YouTube. We’ll see how they handle content moderation when certain people make death threats or promote fake medicine.

  2. You seriously need to bone up on your American history, Jon. It was most definitely NOT “the right” that engaged in ‘cancel culture’ with Civil War statuary, and “the right” has not “glorified” the Civil War. Conservatives are smart enough to understand that we need to learn from history, the good and the bad, and not simply ‘cancel’ it.

    Otherwise, as is said, we are ‘condemned’ to repeat the bad parts of history. Educate yourself.

  3. Ironic as the right just cancelled Liz Chaney. I wouls also guess that this applied to Civil War statuary that has glorified “The Lost Cause” for 100 years. As with everything, looking at issues through a one sided lens is a very poor way to address issues.


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