Audacy Adds More BetQL Offerings


Audacy is adding two more sports betting programs to its line-up. The shows are part of the partnership with BetQL Network and its partnership with BetMGM.

Beginning June 21, the network will launch ‘The Daily Tip’, featuring Michael Jenkins and Chelsea Messinger, and ‘BetMGM Tonight’ starring Ryan Horvat and Quinton Mayo.

“We are ecstatic to announce the next phase of our planned expansion of the ‘BetQL Network,’ said Mike Dee, President of Sports, Audacy. “Our partnership with BetMGM, who is co-developing these shows alongside our sports programming team led by Matt Volk; enables us to create this new content that will both entertain and inform our audience around daily sports betting activity.”

“We’re extremely excited to introduce new programming to Audacy’s BetQL Network,” said Matt Prevost, CRO, BetMGM. “Each show will feature in-depth perspectives from BetMGM traders and sports betting experts, giving listeners unique betting insights only accessible on Audacy.”


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