Black Swan Records Mystery


‘The Vanishing of Harry Pace’ traces the mysterious story of the man who founded Black Swan Records, the first Black-owned record label in American history. Pace, worked for decades for Black empowerment and advancement, and then did something unexpected and out of character; he started passing for white.

“The story of Harry Pace appears to have all the trappings of American spectacle, yet I’m not sure I’ve heard or experienced a story, or life, that requires checking the roots and consequences of all of our Americanisms,” said Kiese Laymon, Editorial Advisor. “The talented Mr. Ripley and Don Draper are junior varsity players at character revision compared to Harry Pace.”

The series features more than 40 interviews, both new and archival recordings; with family members, musicians, historians, writers and musicologists. It debuts June 17 with two episodes.


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