How You Can Get The History of Rock ‘N’ Roll


An all new two-hour weekly History of Rock ‘n’ Roll barter radio series will be hosted by the great Wink Martindale. The first episodes will be available June 5 and 6. Among the affiliates on board for the show’s debut is WMPS in Memphis — where Wink Martindale got his start on radio.

The all-new two-hour weekly series answers key music fan questions, such as “What’s that song? Who’s the performer? How did they get that name? What inspired those words? Why does this music touch my heart …make me smile … make me cry … make me want to dance, romance and fall in love? Whatever happened to the great songs I grew up with?”

Each episode is built round a theme such as: “Leading Ladies of the ‘80s” to “The ‘60s Greatest Dance Hits,” “Singer-Songwriters of the ‘70s” to “The Best of Folk-Rock,” “The Magic of Motown” to “The Top 25 Hits of 1980,” “Super Groups of the ‘60s” to “Inside Beatlemania,” “Goodtime Gold” to “The Super Summer Song Collection.”

Each episode includes artist interviews and revelations from host Wink Martindale.
And among the affiliates on board for the June 5 debut of The History of Rock ‘n ’Roll” is WMPS in Memphis — where Wink Martindale got his start on radio – so many moons ago.

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or phone (203) 847-3085.



  1. I’m looking for Wink Martindale’s weekly radio history of Rock N Roll show as shown on Huckabee TV show. I’m in the St. Louis market. Any ideas?


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