Radio’s New Advertisers


Media Monitors took a look at the new creative being played during the month of April on radio stations across the country. The number of new unique creative on radio increased 44.6% in April, with 20,933 more instances than April 2020.

Vax Live, a benefit concert, and Velo, a tobacco-free nicotine product, were the top two new advertisers, respectively, on radio.

Meanwhile, the top new creative category on radio was podcasting. In a sign of the times – with Americans eager to attend in-person events as the warmer weather arrives and many businesses looking to fill open positions – live theater advertising was the number two category, followed by employment recruitment spots.

“Interest in radio is rising, especially as the economy begins to reopen,” says Philippe Generali, President and CEO of Media Monitors. “Entertainment providers, event venues and employers have a history of using the medium to reach target audiences. We expect this trend to continue as consumers return to in-person activities.”


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