Today’s 50 And Over Station Spotlight


This week we sent out an All Points Bulletin for radio stations around the country that are 50 years of age or older, that have carried the same format. The response has been overwhelming. Over the next few weeks – maybe even months – we’re going to give you the lowdown on all of those stations. Here’s GM Michael Dukes telling us about KFAR-AM, which went on the air in 1939

“I remember as a kids listening to KFAR-660AM as I worked with my Grandfather over the summers, listening to the local call-in shows and swap & sell programs. Hearing the on the hour news and discussions on local happenings and politics. This station is a legacy station, the second oldest on-air signal in the state, going on the air in 1939 and remaining true to it’s format for all of that 82 years.

“I’ve now had a talk radio show on KFAR-AM/FM for more than 20 years. It’s been my absolute pleasure to be a very small part of the success of that station for most of my adult life.

“As with most stations of it’s era it started as a ‘variety’ format with a mix of news, events, features and popular music. With the advent of talk radio in the late 80’s the music part of the format slowly faded out, although it was still a big part of the weekends until about 10 years ago. But at its heart KFAR (Key For Alaska’s Riches) has been an integral part of the community information landscape for more than eight decades.”

Michael Dukes
General Manager – KMVN – KZND – Anchorage
Last Frontier Mediactive LLC
[email protected]
Station website 
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