Get Rid Of Your Worst Enemy Right Now


(By Loyd Ford) We all have it: That little voice that tells you that wasn’t good enough.

Do you hear it?

“Man, I wish that break could have been better? I’m never going to get that dream job.”

“I don’t want to do a podcast. What if I embarrass myself?”

“The program director (or market manager) isn’t going to call me back. Maybe I’m not good enough.”


I don’t want to do video. I’m not good looking enough.”

The go-getters just seem to go. They don’t care if they don’t look perfect. They don’t worry about being embarrassed. They don’t take it personal when people don’t call them right away.

They know the secret: The world is busy working on them.

They think about building their own tribe. So, let’s talk about the world where being your worst enemy doesn’t exist.

Be Yourself
Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Stop listening to the negative voices. We are in the content business today and we can’t afford to be background anymore or to keep listening to negative voices (especially if they are coming from inside ourselves). Be yourself, be unafraid to come out front. Learn, get advice from smart people who can help you connect to the audience you most want. But go.

You are good enough. Being on video isn’t about how good looking you are or if you will embarrass yourself or not. It’s about being present, being in front of people. It’s about offering something interesting, helpful or entertaining that surprises people.

In our business today, visibility with great content will help you grow your career. It will help you be seen more often in a way that matters by others.

Sitting back and waiting for that phone call to hopefully get a job is dead and gone. Today, you want to take nothing personal. People are busy and they truly mostly only care about themselves and what they want.

In radio, our job is to be what people want. You can’t do that effectively trying to be someone else or listening to negative voices. Don’t let fear grip you.

If You’re On-Air Today
Our life is about the ability to create great content and being able to work for a director (in Hollywood terms) to give them what they want. It’s about connecting with the core audience of whatever format you are working in today, but your work is much more than your on-air. Today the world’s attention is splintered and no wonder with all those choices fighting for your brains attention.

  • Radio
  • YouTube
  • TV
  • Reddit
  • Streaming services for movies and TV (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, YouTube TV, Hulu, more)
  • Websites
  • Clubhouse
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify and other music streaming services
  • Apps
  • Gambling Apps
  • Podcasts
  • Sirius XM
  • Dating sites/apps
  • Print Publications

Do you need more proof that the world has stretched attention deficit?  People don’t care about radio or you or me. They care about themselves.

What are you bringing every day that makes you relevant in a variety of platforms? Forget the old days when air talent could just be ‘on-air.’ What will I see if I drop in on your Facebook page or your Instagram? Will I see your story?

Now you must be the talent that aggressively goes after live endorsements. You must be the talent that generates additional content in a variety of places and is willing to perform at live events (yes, they will return). You should study influence and influencers so you learn every day how to increase your knowledge about the will and want of the people.

The world is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 100 years. It’s changing rapidly now as you read this article. Don’t be afraid. Change with it.

If You’re In Sales
Your life comes down to how many times you see people who can make the decision, how often you bring them value, empathy, opportunities they can judge for themselves are in their best interest alone. How do you communicate you care about them? Like your friends in programming, using humor, stories, compelling content people enjoy is powerful for you. Making an emotional connection can elevate your relationship and selling is relationship now more than ever.

How are you changing how people see you as different than any other seller in your market? Have you begun to understand and see yourself as a totally unique talent? Your world is changing every bit as fast as the programming world. Your employer is likely trying to figure out how to replace you and others like you to lower their costs. Why? They are thinking about themselves and their story. So, what does that mean? Fear? No. It means you have to become so unique and productive they don’t want to replace you. 

How do you do that?
Tell the story of their higher success with you in the middle of that story.

Stop Saying “I Can’t
Replace the words “I can’t” with “How can I ____________.”

How can I become my clients’ most valuable advisor?

How can I build and grow my personal professional brand today?

Create visuals for yourself and optics that make YOU the thought leader that is always thinking about them, giving them tips, hacks, solving problems for your clients and prospective clients.

Are you blogging in a way that is focused on advertisers?

Do you think video work is only for on-air talent?

Do you network with key holders and those who know them well?

Are you bringing outside value to your clients in ways that obviously don’t benefit you? It’s amazing what goodwill can do for you to set you apart.

The Value Of Not Listening To Your Darker Voice
We all have that voice that tells us things. What if it doesn’t work? What if they don’t like me? What if I can’t make my sales?

What if you stop letting that voice speak?

If you spend your time filling your mind with the positive push forward, the ultimate value is this: You can’t think two things at once. Your own worst enemy will have to go.

The World Of Disruption Is Here
The larger a company, the more stress and institutionalization it naturally carries with it (and debt in radio today). The bigger you are, the more difficult success is for you. That IS why you see so much mediocrity today. Elevate. Seek people who will let you do the work that God put in you.

Know In Your Heart You Have ‘An Easy Button
The ability to bring content directly to the people is easier than ever in human history. Broadcast companies have major platforms and major problems, but you have the unique ability to be creative, bring your vision, outwork anyone else and achieve whatever dreams you set for yourself with hard work, a positive attitude, consistency and perseverance. There is no one like you.

Listen to your positive voice.

Surround yourself with mentors, cheerleaders, coaches who will help you consistently move to the next level because you deserve that next opportunity.

Radio is as great as it ever was. Go prove it by being a multiple threat and never stop believing…or moving forward.

Loyd Ford consults radio stations, coaches personalities, and provides behavioral and strategic programming to radio with RPC. If you’re on the Clubhouse app, you can join Loyd’s radio pro encouragement group “The Encouragers.” Reach him anytime. 864.448.4169 or [email protected].


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