Elevate Your Star Power


(By Randy Lane) In an email conversation this week, my friend and Jockline Daily and Morning Show Boot Camp creator, Don Anthony, and I mused over this question: Why do morning shows like BJ & MigsDave Ryan, and Toucher & Richs star power rise much higher than others?

Don noted that these shows are often spotlighted in local newspapers, magazines, and television. He shared that “it’s a big deal to listeners. Migs is on the cover of a Seattle magazine this week.”

What components can advance you and your show to star status? Develop and perfect four essential characteristics and watch your star power rise.

  1. Authenticity

People choose friends because they are real, interesting, and fun to be around. They choose radio personalities for the same reasons. Authenticity is about sharing life experiences in a relatable and inclusive way. Vulnerability is a vital element of being authentic because it is the epitome of being human.

  1. Humor

Humor transcends all content genres. It’s always been high on the audience appeal scale, Covid has propelled it to a runaway number one.

SNL’s Weekend Update has inspired shows like WRIF Detroit’s Dave & Chuck the Freak to create similar punchline news features.  If you don’t have the gift of comedic writing,  just remember most humor arises organically out of conversations from conscious listening.

  1. Conscious listening

Conscious listening is central to the art of conversation. Whether it’s a discussion among hosts, with a listener, or with a guest, the benefits of conscious listening include better responses, comebacks, and questions.

Don shared this link of Howard Stern interviewing Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo. Notice Howard’s technique: conscience listening and no talk over.

  1. Storytelling

Steve Jobs said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.”
Stories are everywhere and run the gamut: uplifting, dramatic, crazy, heartfelt, and funny. Your own personal stories evoke emotion and deepen your relationship with listeners.


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