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(By Randy Lane) If you want to increase your creative content, your character, and your ratings, start journaling. This simple practice will help non-creative types to bring out their creativity and assist creative people to generate more innovative ideas.

If you’re a radio or podcast performer, journaling not only gets you in touch with your ideas, but also taps your emotions, regrets, dilemmas, conflicts, joys, observations, and insights. Journaling doesn’t stop there. Many research studies reveal that writing a daily journal gives you multiple benefits from enhancing health to reaching goals.

There are countless ways to journal. You can keep fitness journals, dream journals, finance journals, etc. For creative performers, freewriting is the way to go. RLC has long been proponents of Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages style of journaling. Freewriting or stream of conscious writing whatever you’re thinking or feeling, provokes, clarifies, comforts, entices, prioritizes, and synchronizes your day.

Rather than typing your journal on a computer, Cameron stresses the importance of journaling with pen and paper. She believes typing on a computer is a left-brain activity while handwriting is a right-brain function. Who knew there are so many advantages to handwriting?

More Journaling Styles
Bullet Journals are surging in popularity. They’re more time-consuming than freewriting because it’s a way of streamlining the chaos of your life in the form of a diary, day planner, and written meditation.

  • Wreck This Journal is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and start journaling in an unconventional way. Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal has impressive clients like The New York Times, Men’s Journal, and Forbes (your kids will love it too).

We often don’t take our own advice. I’ve been recommending journaling to clients since the ’90s. If you want to reap the benefits of journaling, commit to making it a daily practice. Writing this blog has me back on track with pen and paper!


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