Women in Radio Event Goes Virtual


Women In Radio will host its 5th Annual Cocktails, Cupcakes, and Conversations event on March 6. The National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation is sponsoring the event to encourage and support the advancement of women in the radio industry.

WIR Ambassador Jessica Rose will serve as the host. Panelists include nationally syndicated radio host Dana Cortez, iHeartRadio Market President Nicky Sparrow, marketing industry leader Bethany Kent, award-winning media executive Charese Fruge, Radio One’s VP of Programming Kashon Powell, and Carla Marie, host of the Carla Marie and Anthony Show.

“This pandemic has changed and shaped many industries, including radio. This year it was imperative, more than ever, for Women In Radio to continue to advocate and provide resources for women in this industry by still holding this event,” said Meaghan Taylor, Founder of Women In Radio.

This year participants will also have the opportunity to have a speed air-check session with award-winning Program Director, Mary K. The NAB Leadership Foundation will also have three giveaways for their First Time Manager series.

Registration and information can be found Here.


  1. Cocktails and cupcakes? Really? As long as the industry continues to “pinkify” anything having to do with women in professional settings, we will never be taken seriously. It’ll forever be “look at those sweet little gals doing their best to be just like the big guys”. While I applaud the effort in general, I sure wish it wasn’t treated as frivolous or lightweight by wrapping it in men’s ideas of girlie images.

    • Maybe it’s about embracing that femininity instead of changing it to fit into what is ideal to men’s perception of professionalism. The pink is intentional because women in this industry often exhibit the duality of being a woman and being about your business in my opinion.


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