Kim Komando Shows Off The Power of Radio


Listening to the Kim Komando Show on WNIS-AM in Norfolk, Brother Tim Lukan in Newport News called in for help with challenges at his Five Loaves Food Bank. Lukan distributes nearly $900,000 worth of food every year to those in need in his community. He was getting overloaded with calls and needed help.

Komando put together the resources needed to set up an auto attendant for the Food Bank using Google Voice. The auto attendant offers options in both English and Spanish. Komando is graciously donating and paying the annual Google Voice fee on behalf of the Food Bank for as long as Lukan needs it.

“WestStar IT Administrator John Davila and Kim Komando are the BOMB.” Brother Tim wrote in an email. “Because of Kim, John, and all your hard work, we have learned, we have increased our knowledge base of possible solutions to challenges, AND we are going to be able to serve the Hungry of the Virginia Peninsula more efficiently and respond to questions faster.”

Komando calls this segment of her show “Random Acts of Kindness.”


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