Sliwa Goes on Hiatus


As he runs for Mayor of New York City WABC host Curtis Sliwa is taking a hiatus from his radio show, podcasts and all WABC contributions. A replacement host has not been named.

Attorney Nicholas Marricco has filed a complaint against Sliwa who he accused of using the WABC Radio Show to promote his Mayoral run.

Marricco said as an employee of WABC Sliwa’s campaign was receiving ‘In-Kind’ donations by being allowed to promote his candidacy and not reporting it to the Campaign Finance Board.

Red Apple Media owner John Catsimatidis, which owns WABC said WABC recently received notice that a longtime member of our WABC family, Curtis Sliwa, is officially running for Mayor. Therefore, Curtis is currently on leave pending his Mayoral bid. We wish him and all of the candidates good luck in the upcoming race. If Curtis is not successful we look forward to him rejoining the WABC family.

The story was updated to reflect that Marricco is not an attorney for the New York City Campaign Finance Board, which our original story mentioned he was. That was incorrect.


  1. Hopefully WABC as well as other stations including Fox will Have Curtis on often as a guest. I have heard other canidates for Mayor on shows such as the Sid and Bernie Show on ABC

  2. I think that’s a really rotten move against Sliwa. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to use his radio show as a Bully Pulpit? If money is the reason he doesn’t have to accept a salary while campaigning. Just about the only way we can defeat the DEMORATS in New York City is by having our own media since the Lamestrteam is solidly #DEMOSOCIALIST!!!

    • Ditto! Totally agree with you. Who does this lawyer work for? What’s his beef? Curtis isn’t doing anything illegal that he’s accusing him of. That lawyer is a snake.


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