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(By Buzz Knight) I recently came across two great reads that I wanted to share with you. They remind us that every level of success starts by maximizing your team and building a strong leadership foundation. Both books are based on strategy, yet both authors coming at the topic from completely different angles.

The first is called “Discipline Equals Freedom” by Jocko Willink and I thank @rishadtobaccawala for the recommendation. Jocko is a Navy Seal and author of “Extreme Ownership”, “Way of the Warrior Kid.” and the Top-Rated Podcast “Jocko Podcast” and his Management/Leadership Company is called “Echelon Front”.

The second is a legendary read that has been updated with 2020 thoughts to make it in sync with the moment, even though its content is timeless.

“BE 2.0/Beyond Entrepreneurship/Turning Your Business into an Enduring Great Company” by Jim Collins and the late Bill Lazier. Jim has updated chapters in tribute to his late mentor Bill who played an incredible role in his life.

Jocko’s book is a direct assault on any leader who strives to take a short cut. If you want to be smarter, faster, healthier “Discipline Equals Freedom” is an intense motivator to push you on your daily routine to eliminate excuses and get the work done.

He uses his intense Seal experience as a backdrop that works for whatever type of business you are pursuing and how you set your daily goals in life. If you are prone to procrastination in your work- flow, he will NOT let you off the hook. You are in control one decision at a time and focus is critical to getting it right.

Jocko believes you must “impose what you want on your brain” and it must start with Discipline, Power, Positivity and Will. Even though “Discipline Equals Freedom” comes at you like a two by four over the head, Jocko does believe in the importance of compromise when working in personal and business situations.

He says “a failure to compromise is a failure to succeed” and he believes unity and compromise are important characteristics of great leadership. Jocko’s book is a definitive and focused method to push you and your organization to greatness and I highly recommend it.

“BE 2.0/Beyond Entrepreneurship/Turning Your Business into an Enduring Great Company” is a timeless road map to building an enduring company and Jim Collins adds 2020 clarity to bring it full circle to address the present climate, roadblocks and future opportunities.

Do you want to know the critical characteristics of great leadership?
This is for you.

Do you want to know how to craft the vision statement for your organization and merge it with the proper strategic focus?
This is for you.

Do you want to develop your own research and development hub for your organization so innovation is fostered not hindered?
This is for you.

BE 2.0 takes the time to highlight specific examples of successful companies and powerful leadership in thorough detail.

Big Brand Companies such as Nike, LL Bean and Walmart are highlighted in great detail on how they have grown, how they plan in the moment and most importantly how they set their sights on future growth.

Additionally, smaller, lesser known entities are analyzed such as Giro Sport Design, Russell Reynolds Associates and Mips Computer, just to name a few are also studied closely to understand what makes them and their leadership successful.

BE 2.0 is a must for first time entrepreneurs and those that have been at it a long time trying to attain continuous improvement for their business.

At a time when the radio business is seeking new ideas and ways to generate more income both of these books will provide inspiration.

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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