Why We Look & Why It Matters


(By Loyd Ford) It is the rule that every broadcaster should know: Listeners look. This is not new, but like everything else it seems these days, it is accelerating in power and meaning. Why we look and how you effectively use what you learn will make you a smarter broadcaster.

It should result in sharper digital and social media choices for you, your team and your overall strategy to be more effective for the audience you most want to attract and monetize in today’s grab-your-attention-right-now world.



How Does It Work?

  • 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. Really think about that.
  • Your brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  • 40% of people respond better to images than text.
  • 50% of your brain is active in visual processing.

Now Let’s Zero-In On Psychology
Your brain absolutely loves video because your brain retains visual content better than text. Humans retain approximately 96% of what we watch and only about 10 – 12% of what we read. Video is powerful in storytelling and that is the center of influence in today’s digital world (just as it is in the physical world). No matter if you are influencing listeners or helping local businesses connect in digital marketing, understanding the use of storytelling along with proper visuals and color is critical to being more effective than others and standing out in your market.

That’s the business we’ve always been in: Helping clients stand out from others.

Why This Should Matter To Your Social Media & Overall Digital Content?
Since evidence is everywhere about how powerful visuals are today and local radio stations have digital sites and social media sites, we have powerful opportunity to grab more influence by being smart about how we create on these important digital opportunities.

  • Radio should be putting a lot more educational efforts, training and focus on how we use and monetize these resources (because they ARE resources in your battle to grow revenue).
  • Radio should think of social and digital (as well as podcasts and events when the world returns to normal) as effective strategy tools in deepening relationships with clients. Even sharing podcasts can involve effective use of color, logo and visuals of different kinds spreading their impact in social media and online.

Create With Purpose
Just as your approach to clients should be purposeful, create with purpose first and a tribe in mind when using visuals. Then, figure out how to effectively sell the products you develop in social, digital and podcasting.

  • Try to think visually
  • Select colors, photos and videos that help tell your story
  • Start with the end goal in mind and you should be fine

The CEO of Bank Of America, Brian Moynihan, tells shareholders of the bank constantly that they focus on deepening their relationship with existing customers so those customers wouldn’t even think about taking their business somewhere else. That is exactly how radio should think about the use of social media and digital marketing solutions for clients. Deepen the relationship, provide constant solutions to taxing problems that lead to stronger clients and client relationships.

The constant thread in my adult professional life in our business is that “once you have a radio station, you can get anything else you want.” The more you can separate your job from the noise around you and zero-in on mattering for audience and clients, the more you will grow new and relevant value. That’s revenue. Isn’t that powerful in the face of all the adversity we face?

Loyd Ford consults radio stations, coaches personalities, and provides behavioral and strategic programming to radio that propel ratings (and revenue) with RPC. Reach him anytime. 864.448.4169, RainmakerPathway.com or [email protected].


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