WGN Radio Legend Prepares To Exit


Orion Samuelson will cap off a six-plus decade run on Chicago’s Very Own 720/WGN Radio. His last day on the air is scheduled to be December 31st.

Samuelson started in America’s Dairyland, but in May of 1960 segued down to Chicago taking over the National Barn Dance Show, which was a staple on WLS on until May 2, 1960 when it became The New WLS and switched to Top 40 rock & roll.

He was the host of the U.S. Farm Report, and even did a Top-O-The Morning Show on WGN-TV Ch. 9. He is best remembered as Farm Director at WGN-AM. He’s pictured here with Sean Compton, President, Networks for Nexstar Media Group.


  1. Loved listening to Orion Samuelson at noon and now early mornings on Saturdays. He was what WGN used to be honest without bias. The newbees on WGN should take lessons from him and Max. Wishing you all the best Orion I sincerely hope your retirement if filled with good things. You will be sorely missed. Thank You


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