LRN Partners For Branding/Imaging


Local Radio Networks has partnered with Broadcast My Brand to bring branding and imaging to their 24/7 music formats. The agreement pairs LRN users with creative services to emphasis each station’s unique, local story.

“LRN is filling the void for radio station owners and operators across the radio spectrum for top-quality custom radio jingle packages along with complete custom brand jingles that resonate on their local Main Street,” said Steve Swick, CEO, Local Radio Networks.

”We are delighted to work with local broadcasters through our partnerhsip with Steve and LRN. No two radio stations or retail brands are alike, and our job is to drill down till we get to the heart of each station and consumer brand,” said Banner Kidd, National Creative Director, Broadcast My Brand.


  1. Hey “Old Man” what are your call letters so we can listen? You most likely are out of the demographic and you spent to much time on the leftside of the dial with a hummm. We at LRN have some of the best of the best working within. Cya on the wireless.

    • Hey, ‘Steve’. Sorry that I touched a nerve. If you have the same group doing all of the imaging, the calls won’t really matter, just listen to any format. The V/Ts aren’t any better, no zip or zing. Just…meh.


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