Group Wants More Done by iHeartMedia


In Rochester several groups spoke up immediately after the Kimberly and Beck incident, including The Rochester Association of Black Journalists which called on iHeart to do even more.

According to WHEC-TV, the Association said the remarks by Kimberly and Beck were clearly racist and should not be on the airwaves. “We hope that this incident serves as a clear example for the desperate need for more diversity on the iHeart radio stations in Rochester.”

Here’s what they are requesting from iHeart:
1. Ensure that Ray and Beck are will not be hired at another iHeartMedia station
2. Provide diversity training for all staff where materials are made public.
3. Hold a local or national search for diverse on-air personalities to replace Ray and Beck.
4. An internal agreement signed by all staff to remind them of iHeart’s Standard Operating Procedures.

The TV report says the RABJ hopes to work with iHeart on the suggested actions to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”


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