Report: Salespeople Believe Recovery Will Start in June


A new study shows that sellers expect the U.S. economy to begin to recover starting in June. SalesFuel has released its “2020 State of Media Sales” study which surveyed 820 salespeople including 132 sellers who work in radio.

Other data from the April study show while radio salespeople and managers have high job satisfaction rates and lower turnover, there are still major challenges as the country works through the coronvirus crisis.

Here are some of the findings from the SalesFuel survey:

One in five radio respondents expects revenue will increase from local small businesses.

Radio sellers are experiencing greater sales team stability when compared to other media sales sectors (TV, print, digital etc.). Radio is experiencing only a 15% sales turnover versus 21% average in media sales industry.

At the time of the study, revenue projections were bad. 45% of responding radio sellers believe that April revenue will decline 50%.

Radio sellers are finding it harder than average to stay motivated this year. 67% of respondents are feeling this way versus industry average of 60%

SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith says, “The data from those sales professionals working in radio was surprising and there are positive pockets pointing to resilience, which is one of the most important qualities in successful salespeople.”



  1. Nothing burger poll. Small businesses are going to be very tight with money this year and I expect most if any of it will be spent on Digital (and not with T.V. or Radio digital, and Newspaper is D.O.A.) more views, better CPI…. Look at the trends the past 5 years T.V. and Radio are solely surviving on National buys at very low required C.P.T (easy to research just watch real time T.V. and listen to Radio). Most Radio either Corporate or local owners before the Virus ran operations so lean, local production is basically bad, A.E.’s can’t write copy any more and stop sets are still painfully long. Just the facts ma’am.


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