Gratitude and Acknowledgment


(By Buzz Knight) Did we ever imagine we’d be grateful for a haircut? For a grocery worker? For a delivery service? For a mechanic on duty? For a waiter, busboy or a bartender? The list can go on and on.

And can any of us imagine what it would be like without WiFi?

Or your Zoom account crashing from too much traffic? Then of course first responders of all types and anyone and everyone associated with the medical field from back office to technicians to doctors and nurses, maintenance, cleaning, supply chain to local pharmacies.

I’m certain we had some appreciation for some of these folks but now if we stop and think we really understand the depth of critical need they all provide and how selfless they all are.

We are living in extraordinary times and we can’t get lost in the morass and lose site of gratitude and acknowledgment for all that is good. I’m very grateful for Seth Godin and his daily take on the world and how we might consider all of life’s possibilities and challenges. Seth motivated this post from some weeks back with his blog called “Acknowledgements 2020” which I can’t stop thinking about for what he was prodding us to never forget.

Among other comments that resonated:
“I’m grateful for the unseen but not anonymous people who are delivering packages, maintaining web servers, fixing things that break and showing up every single day.”

When you stop and think within your own organization today and prior to this crisis who are your “unseen but anonymous people” who play a vital role that deserve acknowledgment?

Certainly Market Managers are unseen in the pivotal role they play in keeping their team together motivated and operating. The pressure they are under in these stressful business conditions is overwhelming to think about. Their business teams lead by Business Managers/Controllers and their Accounting teams keep the business flow moving with both clients and employees without missing a beat.

Certainly everyone who is part of the sales work flow plays a vital role in the day to day operation that must keep running even if an organization is on skeleton staff from sales management, sales staff, sales assistants, commercial continuity and the masters of a production staff.

Of course as an ex programmer we can’t forget about what program directors and their team bring to the table with the air talent tirelessly keeping all of the proverbial plates spinning. They are our heart and soul.

The National Rep folks within Katz continue to fight for our advertising share as this crisis lingers.

Those involved with everything digital from content to client related are a lifeline to our audience and customers. HR plays an important role in keeping a company/employee relationship as productive as can be in these harrowing times. Those responsible for internal infrastructure whether it be engineering, IT or the safety of your physical plant quietly do their job and keep the operation on track.

We also have to acknowledge the producers and board operators who play such an important role in keeping the operations moving.

With so many great stories coming out of the work of so many great staff members from our front line on air talent we also have to acknowledge our internal press/pr teams for spreading the word and we thank all trade publications for carrying that word as well.

We can’t forget how the consulting thought leaders of our business inspire us to greater heights in the work they provide. I’m sure I left someone out and for that I apologize but I think former VP Alternative Programming John Allers put it best when he said “

The people of our planet have a long list of Thank You Notes to send out once we emerge from this crisis. So many people have risen to the occasion to make sure our society continues to get everything from healthcare to groceries to media coverage and entertainment while we are stuck in our homes.”

Thank you to all for your seen and unseen greatness.

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]




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