Cox Settles Lawsuit With Hulk Hogan


It was a confidential settlement reached late last week. Hulk Hogan filed a $110 million lawsuit against Cox Radio, host Mike Calta, Matt Loyd and a few others who were accused leaking a sex video.

Hogan claimed he was the victim of a radio war between Calta and Bubba Clem. Hogan said Calta and his team leaked the video of Hogan having sex with Clem’s wife to Gawker back in 2012.

In 2016, a Florida jury found that Gawker invaded Hogan’s privacy when they published the video. The website was ordered to pay Hogan $141 million. They settled with the former wrestling champ for $31 million then filed for bankruptcy. Hogan wanted the balance, $110 million from Cox Radio.


Channel 9 News in Tampa has more details



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