Seattle Host Blames Virus Spread on Homeless


KTTH-AM PM Drive host Jason Rantz told Fox News the homeless situation in Washington state may be to blame for the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Six people have died from the virus in that state. Here’s what Rantz told Tucker Carlson.

“I think part of it has to do with we are a hub for travel particularly from Asia, but I think also we have a potentially growing problem with our homelessness crisis. I think when we hear about how easily the coronavirus will spread, we know specifically groups of people who can’t do hand sanitizer, taking showers, washing your hands multiple times a day. … It’s the homelessness issue.”

“They are jumping on buses because they can ride for free. They are going to public restrooms. They are going into public libraries. There’s a possibility that they are spreading it at a higher than normal rate because they are not in the system … not being quarantined, because they’re not being charged with any regularity and I think that’s a problem.”

Read more from Fox News about the Rantz interview HERE.


  1. This loser Rantz is not that stupid. He is saying this in a desperate way to “make a name” for himself. Looks like it worked.

  2. This is such nonsense. The people in WA that have died were elderly in a nursing facility. Way to stigmatize the homeless even further.


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