KGO Mornings Returning To Local


Next month in San Francisco Cumulus will move the syndicated show Armstrong & Getty from KGO to KSFO and launch The Morning Show With Nikki Medoro. Veteran newsman Bret Burkhart joins Medoro, who moves to mornings from afternoon drive where she worked with Chip Franklin.

Market Manager Doug Harvill said Medoro is a compelling and proven talk show host. “Her upbeat and engaging personality makes her the perfect fit to take over mornings on KGO. She’ll team with veteran news anchor Bret Burkhart to deliver an entertaining, informative, and interactive morning show. At the same time, Armstrong and Getty have established a very dedicated and loyal Bay Area audience that will follow them to sister station KSFO.”

Lee Hammer, Operations Manager, Cumulus San Francisco, and KGO/KSFO Program Director, said: “Nikki has done a tremendous job working with Chip Franklin in afternoon drive, and she’s earned this opportunity to host mornings on KGO. Nikki and Bret will bring a fresh approach to the day’s news, both locally and nationally. They’ll also invite the Bay Area’s listeners to join the conversation and share their opinions.”


  1. I’m so glad that those stupid right-wing hacks Armstrong & Getty got the ax. They are awful! They are the perfect lead-in for that total POS Limbaugh. Now if they only would get rid of Chip Franklin, the fake Liberal, they will have a pretty good line up. Will I start listening again? No. After they fired everyone in 2011 we started buying cars with Sirius XM radios where we listen to truly progressive hosts

  2. Nikki is so annoying. I can’t believe she’s getting a show. Her moderating during the debate was horrible. She interjects herself, doesn’t listen, and just argues. She’s so annoying, just like that guy Chip. That’s too bad that KGO is going with a monotonic voice and subscribing to the echo chamber of the Bay Area.

  3. I really liked Ronn Owens……………. I also like Armstrong and Getty. I have been a faithful KGO fan since before Ronn. I do hear Nikki with Chip. The only thing about her is that when she gets on a speal about something she goes too far w/her arguing and gets annoying and seems non-stoppable.

  4. Really sorry to hear that KGO has choice to have only one voice now. A&G was my favorite on KGO. Susan above says it well. They were objective and gave us a lot of news that is often not heard elsewhere. I will be following them to KSFO.

  5. Can’t believe KGO is replacing A&G–I like Nikki, but there’s no competing w/Armstrong & Getty. They’re such a unique combination of news and hilarity–one-of-a-kind like no other; pure entertainment that my friends and I enjoy every morning. You will be losing a big chunk of your audience. After 40 years, I’m switching to 560!

  6. Hopefully they won’t fill her new time slot with Balance of Nature advertisements…. or with those financially suspect OTA…Online Trading Academy commercials that the other female host flaunts every day and even does radio infomercials for. Shameful as so many unsuspecting rookie investors get snagged by them. If you didn’t know, after the “free” class, the median…follow up classes cost in the neighborhood of $7,000 to $25,000. Nothing indicates those who get hard-sale sold on those ever gain enough investment benefits to ever begin to recover even their tuition, let alone make more returns than those who don’t take the expensive courses.
    The host herself knows next to nothing about such investing, yet allows this big advertiser to lure in naive listeners. Reminds me of a hard sell time-share program, except you don’t even end up with the use of a condo for 2 weeks each year.
    While I’m on worthless products…
    Balance of Nature daily dose 3 veggie capsules plus 3 fruit capsules give you a combined daily total of 4.8 grams.
    Less than 5 grams total per day according to the label. They tell you that is after the 85% water is removed.
    Thus doing simple math, they start with 35 grams of actual fruits and vegetables.
    Then they tell you that you are getting 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.
    But 35 grams (1.25 ounces) is less than one serving of either fruits or vegetables.
    So you pay for 10 servings and end up with maximum 1 serving.
    Its just insane they can get away from this enormous lie.
    Bad enough they claim hair growth, cold cures, energy, muscle enhancement… and a endless array of other benefit… all unproven.
    But to actually only give you 1 serving or less… while claiming 10 servings or more is outright theft.
    Does KGO speak up… Where is Michael Finney, consumer reporter.
    OH well, I do enjoy the shows, but ripping off listeners is immoral.

    • OTA is a wonderful company which has allowed me to learn to trade and generate several thousand consistently on top of my full time job….so not a scam…not easy but no scam…to each their own…. she knows nothing about investing but you know everything? ha.

      • I never said OTA was a “scam”
        I never said OTA did or is doing anything actually “illegal”
        There are lots of things one can buy, or courses that one can take, that are very expensive, yet produce results in the average person that are no better than those produced by people who didn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars for the special method.
        What he heck does a “patented” method prove as to results.
        Lots of “patented’ items or methods or systems are completely worthless.
        Any ‘patented’ system to make money in the markets would be instantly copied by everyone if it actually produced superior results.
        Why is the “patented” concept pushed so much?
        Sounds more like some “miracle method” in a infomercial.
        BTW, speaking of “infomercials”… give a careful listen to the weekly infomercials that the KGO host participates in for OTA.
        Listen to the entire infomercial… try to pin down where any actual claim is made regarding superior results from those taking the courses.
        Look for any mention of courses costing $7,000 or $25,000…or the possibility of spending $30,000 or $40,000 or more over time.
        Look for any proof that the methods taught ever indicate that the average student ever does well enough to even recover those costs.
        In short look at the program offerings for any proof that OTA students, on average, are successful in their future trades.
        Not on one or two trades, but after 1 year, or 5 years.
        What are their returns. Do they even equal the S&P 500 returns?
        Does OTA give any reliable indication that its time to play the market going down… “calling the market”?
        If so, announce it to the world, because some huge investment firms would pay a billion dollars for such ability.
        If you can listen to OTA’s long infomercials and not realize what they actually are…. then I don’t know what to say to you.
        Better yet, tell us how long you’ve been taking the courses… how much you’ve spent… and how superior your results have been.
        Have you recovered the $10,000 or $25,000 or more you may have spent. Have you conducted the trades in anything other than a booming market?… where anyone could make money?

        Come back, you are anonymous, let us know your spectacular results wherein you’ve more than recovered the money you’ve spent on your courses.

      • Federal Trade Commission shuts down OTA…
        Freezes OTA assets so the owners can’t drain the last OTA assets before giving refunds to customers.
        Horrible company preying on older unsophisticated seniors.
        Luring retired people into spending $25K to $50K while the poor suckers fail to even make any money…

  7. Agree with Jim. A&G & staff was my fav, Kgo show, esp. after all of the moves last few years. I’m a lifetime Demo, independent, but loved A&G personalities. I’m out too after 40 years of listening to Kgo. Of course I’m out of demographics so Kgo doesn’t care anyway.

    • Agree with Jim. A&G & staff was my fav, Kgo show, esp. after all of the moves last few years. I’m a lifetime Demo, independent, but loved A&G personalities. I’m out too after 40 years of listening to Kgo. Of course I’m out of demographics so Kgo doesn’t care anyway. I ALSO DESPISE TRUMP.

  8. Why are Armstrong and Getty moving…exactly? Going Local, Local…yeah right. I loved KGO because I got a lot of different perspectives on one channel. Some funny, some controversial, some irritating, but always provocative. Now you’ve gone total liberal during the day. That is BORING Lee Hammer. Blah, Blah, Blah…show hosts all saying the same thing. Dude, what are you thinking. Sounds like Mark, Pat, and Chip got together and cried that A & G made us “uncomfortable”. Frankly, Mark should have openly disagreed with comments his lead-in made on the air. It would have made for some great radio. You’re doing a disservice to people like me who listen to one channel but want a variety of opinions whether I agree or not. For the record I’m not a Trump fan. Good luck Nikki, but ratings will crater. I’m out.

    • Jim I love your comment, especially “made us uncomfortable.” That’s a great one. Thanks for the giggle. I will move to 560. I can’t imagine a weekday without A&G. I hope they get a huge raise.

  9. So happy for this change. Nikki was a great balance with Chip in the afternoon so I’m sure she will also be great in the AM . I stopped listening in the morning when the clueless brothers show was on.

  10. Never heard of her. Do hope she is not some wacked liberal Trump hater. I like Armstrong & Getty since they speak with an objective view on subjects. They bring up news that is never brought up on other news shows. The question is why not? Journalism today is starting to sound like communism. Susan/Newark


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