Stations Betting Food Their Teams Will Win


With the Super Bowl slated for Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, two radio stations are having a friendly wager: Bonneville’s Urban AC KBLX in San Francisco and Carter Broadcast Group’s Urban KPRS-FM in Kansas City.

If the 49ers lose, the KBLX Morning Dream Team featuring Kimmie Tee, Tony Sco, and Rudy Ortiz, have agreed to send the Morning Grind at KPRS (Shay & Shyne), San Francisco’s iconic sourdough bread and their world-famous seafood from Fisherman’s Wharf. If Kansas City loses, the KBLX Dream Team will get their famous BBQ, including BBQ sauce, pink and yellow salad dressing from a local steakhouse, and various meat seasonings. In addition, the losing team will also have to wear jerseys from the winning team on a major street in their respective city for 30 minutes.

KBLX OM/PD Elroy Smith said, “We are preparing for a pity party for the Chiefs. The 49ers fans are gearing up for a historical victory. The energy here in the Bay Area is at an all-time high. The Dream Team is excited to devour that famous Kansas City BBQ, while watching on video KPRS’s Morning Grind march up 18th and Vine wearing 49ers attire. The 49ers have won the BIG GAME five times, in ‘81, ‘84, ‘88, ’89 & ’94. Come February 2, we will be saying that we’ve won six times. The Chiefs last won in 1970. Since Missouri is the “Show Me State,” on February 2, the San Francisco 49ers will show the world what champions look like! The last time the Chiefs won, bell-bottoms and platform shoes were in style. Mic drop!”

KPRS OM/PD Myron Fears said, “The only pity party that Elroy Smith is envisioning, is a new community service project for his staff to provide psychological help and relief to the people of the Bay Area. The 49er Nation will be traumatized after the Kansas City Chiefs unleash the greatest beat-down in Super Bowl history! Chiefs Kingdom is amped up worldwide! The Morning Grind will be enjoying a victory meal of great tasting San Francisco seafood and sourdough bread while the KBLX Dream Team will be yelling, ‘What about those Chiefs!’ and proudly marching like soldiers down Market Street!”


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