Casey Kasem Family Feud Finally Ends


The very public family fight between radio icon Casey Kasem’s kids and wife ended rather quietly this week. Both sides were in a Los Angeles courtroom to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit three of Kasem’s kids brought against his wife Jean. 

In 2015 the kids claimed Jean neglected their dad which led to his death. They also alleged Jean denied access to their Dad which added to his stress and failed health. Jean filed suit against the kids and claimed they only wanted their Dad’s money. The kids denied all the allegations.

At least one of the children was not happy with the deal. Kerri Kasem said she was “distraught and heartbroken over her family and lawyers’ decision to force her into a settlement.”

Authorities investigated Kasem’s death and found no evidence of wrongdoing. 

Jean and Casey Kasem had been married for 34 years. Kasem died back in 2012 at the age of 82. 



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