Entercom Fires Seth Dunlap


Several local news outlets in New Orleans are reporting that Entercom fired the host Thursday, according to Dunlap’s attorney. The company believes Dunlap sent a homophobic tweet to himself from WWL’s Twitter account in an attempt to extort the company of nearly $2 million.

The incident took place back in September. Dunlap said he was taking a leave of absence several days after the tweet was made public.

According to WDSU in New Orleans Dunlap’s lawyer claims WWL asked him to resign and he refused, maintaining his innocence.

The New Orleans Police Department is investigating whether Dunlap sent the tweet in an attempt to get money from the company. Dunlap is gay.

WWL hired a digital forensic expert who concluded the tweet came from Dunlap’s cellphone.

Dunlap’s says he took a polygraph test and it showed he did not lie.

Entercom did not respond to several requests for comment over the weekend. We also reached out to Dunlap and he did not respond.


  1. Seth just ruined his life and will now go to jail. Forensics proved the tweet came from him and he demanded 1.85 million the day after he sent the tweet. Fool. Thow her in jail!

  2. This outcome does not surprise me. We have seen, in recent years, similar cases where a ‘minority’ — whether based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or identity, etc. — has falsely claimed they were a ‘hate crime’ victim. Their story turns out to be entirely fabricated. The most infamous recent case of a false hate crime report was by Jussie Smollett, in Chicago. In this Dunlap case, the awful motive appears to be financial extortion of his employer, Entercom.

    The truly sad thing that comes out of these false reports is that, sometimes, real victims are met with skepticism or lack of belief…the so-called ‘Cry wolf’ phenomenon. If the forensic evidence about his cell phone is upheld, beyond a reasonable doubt, I hope that Dunlap is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We cannot tolerate this kind of deliberate and horrendous conduct.


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