Georgia HOF President Resigns


John Long is not only the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame President, he is also one of its co-founders. But Long has announced he is resigning effective April 1, 2020. Long and Sam Hale founded the nonprofit in 2007 to recognize Georgia radio professionals.

In a message to members in the November newsletter, Long said, “It has been my honor to try and manage this organization. Neither Sam Hale or I dreamed the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame would be so successful, let alone have a Georgia Radio Museum. I will remain on the board and operate the Georgia Radio Museum. The museum is vital to the preservation, continuity, and access of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. It is the home of our inductees. I want it to continue to exist and be THE place where our inductees, present and future, family members (father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter and grandchildren ) can proudly say their were honored for their contributions to the rich history of radio in Georgia.”

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  1. Could THIS be the same John Long who was (briefly) the P.D. at XEROK – 800 AM in El Paso, TX back in 1973?? Asking for a friend….
    Charlie Foxx – AKA – Charlie Ferguson


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