Host Mocks School. Daughter Gets Expelled


On his SirusXM show Tuesday host Jeff Lewis told his audience that his 3-year old daughter has been expelled from the prestigious Montessori preschool. Even after apologizing, begging for forgiveness, then arguing with the headmistress, he was not given a second chance. Then Lewis went on to say he picked the wrong school anyway. He told People Magazine “Next time, I’m going to trust my gut. I felt like the school was too regimented, too structured. I think, it’s not a college prep course. It’s preschool.”

According to People Lewis criticized a recent “Back to School Night” for parents and read two internal emails from parents, and mocked them on his SiriusXM show. The school didn’t take kindly to that and the little girl was kicked out.


  1. “Passing gas”, Bill, gets a student taken out behind the shed where a switch is applied – with enthusiasm. (They may have picked that up from “Training Up A Child” – a training manual from a branch of crazed zealots.

    The “Montesssori Mistake” by the way, is that, early on in the kid’s experience, they determine a student’s so-called primary or preferred learning, sensory modality, and then teach the kid in that particular modality. So, if the kid demonstrates a propensity for kinesthetic (feeling or hands-on) learning, the visual and auditory capacities of the kid tend to be set aside.
    I will allow they may have learned and corrected that gross and debillitating generalization.

  2. Wow, aren’t you glad your daughter doesn’t go there anymore? Who the hell would want their impressionable three year-old child (male or female) to go to such a petty, vengeful establishment. I wonder if they get expelled for passing gas?

  3. Jeff Lewis story: Montessori school should read their Bible–“The sins of the fathers shall not be visited upon the sons” (or daughters) The daughter should not have been expelled for the father’s actions.


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