Saga Targets Five Virginia LPFM’s


Saga Communication has filed a petition with the FCC, asking the Commission to deny five Low Power FM radio stations in Virginia their license renewals. Saga says four LPFM’s in Charlottesville and one in nearby Ruckersville have not been following the FCC’s rules to quality them as LPFM’s.

The stations are (in Charlottesville) WXRK owned by Blue Ridge Free Media, WVAI owned by Air Mix Virginia, WPVC owned by Promise Land Communications, WREN owned by Genesis Communications and (in Ruckersville) WKMZ owned by Gateway Media.

Saga says that the licenses for these stations should be denied because they are operating under a management or operating agreement (in other words they are functioning as a cluster), they regularly broadcast commercials and they are simulcasting programming. The Saga petition says the LPFM stations have not served the public interest, convenience and necessity as they are supposed to do under the FCC’s LPFM guidelines.

Read the Saga filing HERE.


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