Petition Started To Get Host Back


When MPR announced The Current morning show co-host Brian Oake was let go, no reason was given. Now, a petition has been launched to get him his job back and there’s speculation as to why he was let go.

According to City Pages, there are about 1200 s-signatures on the petition for Oake, which says, “Brian Oake is a vital member of The Current’s on-air staff. His mistake is not a justification for his termination. Bring him back on the air.”

The Star-Tribune reports that an incident at a Theater show may have lead to Oake’s firing. “A staffer at the Palace Theatre escorted the two out after Oake’s daughter was caught taking a sip from his drink. He contended his daughter was simply taking ice out of the otherwise empty cup to stave off the heat, and he publicly called out the First Avenue/Palace staffer who ousted them.”

Oake was hired to co-host the morning show in 2016. Check out the “Bring Brian Oake back to The Current” petition HERE


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