Woman Arrested in Tulsa Transmitter Death


Tulsa authorities have arrested this woman, 37 year old Angie West, for her role in the electrocution of a man at KRMG’s tower. Reports out of Tulsa say she’ll be charged with first degree murder. So far she’s only been charged with a felony for trying to steal copper from KRMG’s transmitter site.

Police say West drove two men to the site to steal copper. Deputies say West, while she was waiting for the men to return, fell asleep in the car. She woke up the next morning and drove away thinking the two men ran from police.

However, one of the men was electrocuted and another was hospitalized.n They were found by an engineer who went to check on the transmitter when there were problems with the signal. One man was already dead, the other was burned and convulsing. The second man is in the hospital and will also be arrested.



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