Will ESPN Suspend Dan Le Batard?


On Friday the network reminded all employees to avoid politics. The reminder was prompted by ESPN Radio host Dan Le Batard who railed against President Trump and ESPN on his show last week.

Le Batard said, “We here at ESPN don’t have the stomach for the fight. We don’t talk about what is happening unless there is some sort of weak, cowardly sports angle that we can run it through.”

Le Batard also mentioned Jemele Hill in his rant. Hill got political while with the network which eventually lead to her departure.

Listen to what Le Batard said HERE.


  1. When a moral issue, of such nature and magnitude as the border/immigration/concentration camps issue is in question, the right to criticism should supersede all rules and laws. (In this case, several laws are being broken by “our” government.) Anything prohibiting criticism of a practice that is not only cruel, but CONTRAVENES U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL LAW, should be null and void, and tossed in the bin of fake eithics. I’m surprised that some commenters I’ve read here are very rigid in their adherence to conforming to station protocol, when the “president” and the criminal Border Patrol, feel that they are above the law and can ignore court rulings. For anyone to suggest otherwise shows a lack of compassion, a total rejection of the social contract, and contempt for the rule of law. Things politicians and other loudmouths want to claim are as American as having military bases all over the world.


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