What is Quu?


Pronounced “Q,” the company has developed technology that connects audio ads to an accompanying text and image for advertisers and listeners across the dashboard display on car radio receivers. And many of your competitors are using it.

Beasley CEO Caroline Beasley says her company has seen the benefits of this new technology firsthand. “QUU provides the important foundation our company needs to bring visual context to today’s multiplatform radio experience as we look forward to the connected car, driving engaging capabilities for our listeners and increasing results for our advertisers.”

The technology allows radio stations to manage music and album art, as well as create station messaging and advertising campaigns that are synchronized with on air ads. Messages and images can be featured on the air in targeted day parts. For example, a client ad can feature a specific item in the morning and a different one at noon.

Beasley media Group has been implementing the state-of-the art Radio Data System technology for advertisers and listeners across the company over the past several months.

The Quu website also lists Urban One, Cox Media Group, Hubbard, Bonneville, Summitt Media and Mount Wilson Broadcasters as some of its other clients.


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