The Confidence You Need To Be a Great Radio Salesperson


(By Harmony Tenney) One of the greatest tools for success for any salesperson is confidence. Building confidence comes from learning the power of radio, and familiarizing yourself with how to help businesses and organizations harness its power to attract customers.

Radio is free, it engages tens of thousands of potential customers in just a few seconds, and it builds (over time) the personal familiarity necessary for prosperous economic relationships.

Years ago, radio was “tested” by its salespersons. They’d stand outside grocery stores or other gathering places, and randomly ask those coming and going which businesses offered specific goods and services. Then, after 13 weeks of radio, they would randomly ask again. Businesses that advertised and hadn’t even appeared on the list at the beginning were mentioned by respondents. Businesses that were initially on the list, but further down, moved up the list. Advertisers were shown the before and after lists by their salesperson, and they renewed. Today we have testimonials and results of scientific testing.

Harnessing the power of radio is about reach, frequency, relevance, and patience. Just as it takes seeds time to germinate, lift their leaves above ground, and mature for harvest, it takes the brain 13 weeks to build active neural pathways where businesses become a current resource  on each listener’s mental map of “what I can find where.” Each advertiser must continue inserting their engaging message into listeners’ daily reality, or risk being erased by more pressing wants, needs, and experiences. Is your advertiser invested in having a successful business, year after year, reaching both new movers and persons entering the buying decision-making cycle?

Confidence, Courage, Competence. Fishermen go out in their boats expecting a catch. Racecar drivers start their engines and drive to win. Olympic Athletes perform their sport to medal or to place. What can you do to ensure your best outcome each day with each prospect? Will you allow yourself the patience over time to become your best at helping businesses and organizations turn airwaves into consistent revenue?

Strengthen your confidence:
• Share radio’s opportunity for success with new business owners every day
• Gather testimonials from your station’s reps to share with prospects
• Read the works of radio and advertising industry leaders
• Read about consultative selling, sports sponsorship, and community engagement
• Study the mindset of top-performing athletes and how they stay focused
• Ask your prospects what they most appreciate in a sales rep.

Other components of confidence include an Attitude of Service, Preparation for Meetings, Follow Through (put all promises on your calendar), and Follow Up (8 to 12 times – they really need you).

Keeping your confidence is imperative to being great at sales. If you aren’t convinced that radio works, no one else will think it does. Learn what motivates you, give yourself goals and rewards, and become your own cheerleader. Enjoy your successes, learn from the prospects who don’t buy from you, and ask your best clients why they choose to do business with you.

Enjoy the ride. Radio is thrilling and fulfilling, for you and your clients!

Harmony Tenney, MBA is a Marketing Consultant at Charlottesville Radio Group and can be reached at [email protected]



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