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(By Buzz Knight) “Bruins Fever” here in Boston has been at a frenzy pitch with the Stanley Cup Finals in full force, and it is worth examining this team to see what we can learn from their chemistry and teamwork.

For full disclosure I’m writing this on the eve of Game 7 intentionally because, win or lose, this team is an inspiring example of organizational leadership and the essence of how a great team with a great brand leads to beautiful results (Editor’s note: St. Louis defeated Boston in game 7 Wednesday night).

Bruins Lesson One: The importance of a team or organization being like a family.
The Bruins all watch out for each other and protect the integrity of the family unit. The veterans root for the young players and visa versa. All boats rise when an organization has no hidden agendas and everyone supports the greater good of the team.

Bruins Lesson Two: Contagious Spirit
This team has enjoyed the moment and the spirit of the team runs deep. Just take the no-shaving-till-elimination tradition. Even though this tradition predates this team(The New York Islanders started it in 1980) they have fully embraced the “hairy situation” and it has made the team even more real.

Bruins Lesson Three: Team Leadership
Even though the Bruins have an amazing captain in Zdeno Chara, who commands deep team respect, other veterans on the team aren’t afraid to step up and demonstrate leadership principles. Take Patrice Bergeron’s great speech to the team before the pivotal game six victory which made a big impact on the entire team. Great teams can have multiple leaders to make an impact at big moments.

Bruins Lesson Four: Grit and Resilience
When the long playoff season is down to the bitter end, all of the players are banged up and not at peak health. Some, like Zdeno Chara, can barely speak as a result of his broken jaw sustained when a puck hit him in the face. Great teams exemplify the impact of grit and resilience when the score is final.

Bruins Lesson Five: Great Coaching
Coach Bruce Cassidy has done an amazing job of motivating and guiding his team. Like a master conductor he has the team playing the perfect notes of an orchestra at the right time. Steady, calm, and decisive leadership is critical for all teams with a focus on what is important.

Buzz Knight is Executive Vice President of Strategy and Innovation for Beasley Media Group. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. I am sorry, Buzz. I truly am.
    But I have to plug this up.
    Were it not for the formation of The National Hockey League Players Association, an organization that has assured multi-million dollar contracts for these guys, The Boston Bruins and the other pro teams would still be paying Don Cherry wages while telling the players they were lucky to be in the league.
    Any suggestions that group-gropes, affirmations, sacrifices, whiz-bang coaching and flashy pom-poms have any replacement value OVER solid, supportive work environments, employee opportunities and viable compensation are, to my mind – patronizing and insulting.


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