Who Is Streaming Your Station?


Every Wednesday, Integr8 Research has been teasing out results of a new study called “The Alexa Effect: How Radio Can Thrive in a Connected World.” The study tracked consumption habits of 6,240 15- to 39-year-old Contemporary music listeners. The fourth blog in this five-part series is called, “Radio, She’s Just Not That Into You.”

The Integr8 team says their data shows that listeners that don’t own a radio beyond their cars are the least likely to stream a local radio station than any other segment examined in the study. “In fact, it is listeners who own a traditional AM/FM radio outside the car that are four times as likely to stream a local FM station.”

Integr8 Research President Matt Bailey says, “If you assume people are throwing out their radios when they bring home a smart speaker, these findings don’t make any sense. However, what’s really happening is that radio’s biggest fans will listen on both the AM/FM radio they still own and on the smart speaker they just brought home. Contrary to what some tech hipsters spout, tons of people still love radio. The most effective streaming strategy for radio is to make great radio for great radio fans.”

The latest installment of the Integr8 Research study also examines some of the reasons behind radio usage and strategies to maximize listening from those who already love radio.

Read the latest blog HERE

Integr8 Research will host a webinar to review and discuss all the findings on Wednesday, April 17 at 2 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT).


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