Adams Radio Hands Out 2018 Awards


And here they are…

Market of the Year: Kevin Musselman, Fort Wayne
General Manager of the Year: Mike Jensen, Las Cruces
Program Director of the Year: Scott Rosenberg, Northern Indiana
Most Improved EBITDA: Mike Jensen, Las Cruces
Best Start in 2019: Kevin Musselman, Fort Wayne
Top Digital Performer: Jason Lamp, Tallahassee.

Ron Stone, CEO of Adams Radio Group said, “We are so appreciative of all our managers and staff for continuing to fight a good fight in the most challenging environment we have faced in radio. Our entire staff, from GMs to part-timers are the most dedicated people I know. Their tireless efforts to keep Adams on a growth trajectory speaks volumes about their professionalism and dedication. I thank all of them, and I am extremely proud of the award winners for 2018.”

Photo from Left to right: Shannon and Tom Pinkus (Vipology), Jason Lamp (GM Tallahassee), Mike Jenson (GM Las Cruces), Ron Stone (CEO Adams Radio Group), Jen Figg (GM Northern Indiana), Kevin Musselman (GM Fort Wayne), Trey Morris (Center for Sales Strategy), Jim Richards (Valley Richards), Mike Orth (VP Digital Adams Radio), and Tyler Plahanski (Neilsen).


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