Google Over Amazon?


Integr8 Research has released its second of five blogs from a new study called, “The Alexa Effect: How Radio Can Thrive in a Connected World.” In its second post, “Why Radio Shouldn’t Ignore Google Home,” the company says while Amazon Echo users almost double the number of Google Home users, Google Home owners are 30% more likely to regularly stream a local FM station than Amazon Echo owners.

In fact, of all devices examined in the study, Google Home users are the biggest streamers of local FM radio.

Integr8 Research President Matt Bailey says, “Radio has really done a great job in the past year teaching our listeners how to listen on smart speakers. However, stations are usually focusing all their attention on Alexa. Both Amazon and Google are growing fast. This study shows why ignoring those Google Home users may be a mistake.”

The study tracked the consumption habits of 6,240 15- to 39-year-old Contemporary music listeners.

Check out the full blog HERE.


  1. I recently wrote about online streaming and hinted how Google assist was better than Alexa, with regards to listeners easily finding their favorite radio stations on smart speakers, so this may be the reason why Google assist users listen to local radio on their smart speakers/smart screens than Amazon’s products. But also, I read (wished I had referenced the news articles) that Google is now out selling the Echo. This may be because there are more non-Google produced smart speakers/smart screens (like Insigna) that use Google assist.
    I was talking with a VP of Programming a few weeks ago and demonstrating Alexa issues, when the ironic happened that proved my point. I had the Google smart speaker listening to a radio station who just so happened to be running a Alexa promo. When the voice said, “Alexa, listen to (station name)”, it triggered my Amazon Echo. But Alexa found some other radio station that wasn’t even close to the station asked. When I stopped it, and repeated the command, this time, Alexa could not find the station.


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