Digital, Podcasting Big For Cumulus


CEO Mary Berner reported that Cumulus’ digital business – what’s called C-Suite – grew by more than 60% in 2018. And, she said that digital “meaningfully outpaced the industry.”

Starting off at 46% growth in Q1 of 2018, digital revenue in Q4 grew by 76% according, to Berner, who added the digital and podcasting businesses are hitting their stride for the company and have been solidly profitable from the beginning.;

Berner says podcasting has been a nice addition to the Cumulus portfolio. The Westwood One Podcast Network includes show from Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Suze Orman, Dennis Miller and others. In 2016, according to Berner, Cumulus’ podcasting division generated $100,000 in revenue. In 2018 she says podcasting generated $12.5 million in profitable podcasting revenue and she remains excited about the future of podcasting. “We are thoughtfully building a profitable business despite ambitious growth targets.”

Berner says podcasting is not a winner-take-all game. “We expect to emerge as one of the leaders when the dust settles.”


  1. Love how Cumulus CEO Mary Berner is taking a victory lap over her failed company eeking out a profit last quarter. I could show a profit too if I could screw over my creditors and zero out my debt in Chapter 11 the way Dumulus did.


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