Get Motivated All Week Long


Most folks have heard of Motivation Monday. Well, iHeartRadio feels they can do a bit better than that and have introduced Motivational Podcast Week. Throughout the entire week, listeners can start their day off right by listening to any from a list of motivational podcasts sure to get them inspired to live their best life and be the best version of themselves.

The key is the variety of the podcasts — so there’s probably something for everyone, in terms of what gets them psyched up. And these podcasts can get you ready for just about any situation in your life: work, relationships, personal challenges and more. Notable among the podcasts are 10% Happier with Dan Harris and Slate’s Better Life Lab.

But you’re best advised to check out the full list of motivational podcasts available on iHeartRadio. For more information, go to the iHeartRadio blog.


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