Sliwa Back In The Saddle, Teamed With Huddy


77 WABC Radio in the Big Apple has debuted afternoon talk show Curtis and Juliet, featuring long-time talk personality Curtis Sliwa (of Guardian Angels fame) and journalist Juliet Huddy. Curtis and Juliet airs Monday through Friday, 12 Noon-3:00 p.m. ET.

Craig Schwalb, Program Director, 77 WABC Radio, said: “Curtis and Juliet are each widely recognized and respected New York hosts. But what’s really exciting is to hear how their chemistry and friendship sets their show apart in the market.”


  1. WABC made a mistake when they replaced Curits & Kuby in AM Drive with Imus. They made yet another mistake when ron Kuby left the show. They have had a few false starts since then. Let’s hope this piaring works out for them!


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