Trump Gives Shout-Out To Rush, Hannity


And it’s something that really seems to drive the national media nuts. In a recent Rose Garden press conference, President Donald Trump praised nationally syndicated talkers Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Both have been big supporters of Trump.

Both Limbaugh and Hannity have consistently voiced their disapproval of a budget compromise on wall funding. The President recently approved a budget with less than he requested from Congress for the wall. Then he declared a national emergency and plans to use emergency funds to get the money he wants.

It’s no secret that both Limbaugh and Hannity have Trump’s ear. Trump said Sean Hannity “has been a terrific, terrific supporter of what I do.” He praised Rush for being able to consistently hold a large audience five days a week. “He can speak for three hours without a phone call. Try doing that sometime. For three hours he speaks. He’s got one of the biggest audiences in the history of the world. I mean, this guy is unbelievable.”


  1. From here:
    When a fire department has an arsonist in their midst and it is the fire department that is in charge of the investigation, it is likely that the department will discover and out the arsonist.
    Why? Because fire departments tend to operate with dignity and honour.
    Go figure.

  2. Go ahead. Heap praise upon people such as Hannity, (or is it Han-nazi?) and Limbaugh who preach hate and discord. If the “public airwaves” still had a Fairness Doctrine, they would not be allowed to so easily spew their
    hateful venom five days a week. It’s people such as Hannity and Limbaugh who are allowed to mislead, distort, and out-and-out lie to the American public without challenge, because there’s no one across the glass from them to challenge them.

    • Well put. And who runs their programs? The same disingenuous broadcasters who proclaim radio’s special “local content” importance. It’s a farce.

  3. Such a shock that shameless purveyors of alarmist half-truths would have a mutual adoration society. A real “Man bites dog story” there, Radio Ink.


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